RGV shoots Bhoot sequel in an actual haunted house


By Hindustan Times

When filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) is in his usual quirky element (cue: his Twitter feed), he’s certain to have some tricks up his sleeve. He maintained this attitude through the shooting of his directorial venture, Bhoot Returns. A source close from the project reveals that the director
has shot the film in a haunted house on Pali Hill without letting his cast and crew know about the house’s eerie history. “The house is quite old and the first owner had committed suicide there. Since then, the owners claim to have witnessed unusual events,” says the source. RGV must have chosen not to reveal this creepy secret to his team as it might have scared the unit members and disturbed the shoot. “He didn’t disclose this detail until the shooting of the film was supposed to finish. The cast got quite spooked later after getting to know that someone had committed suicide in the house,” says the source.

When asked about this, RGV says, “I got to know that the house has a history only after we started shooting for the movie.” Did he get scared himself? “I was too busy trying to scare (my viewers), so I never got the time to get scared myself,” he says. However, the house was lent out on the condition that Varma would not reveal the exact address of the place. “The current owner of the house gave the house to RGV for the shoot only after he was assured that the director won’t give out the address of the house in the movie or to the media,” the source adds.

Releasing on October 12, Bhoot Returns is a 3D sequel to Bhoot (2003) and stars Manisha Koirala, JD Chakravarthy, Madhu Shalini and child actor Alayana Sharma. It releases in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.