RGV ki Bhool: Darling


Direction: Ram Gopal Varma

Cast: Fardeen Khan, Esha Deol, Isha Koppikar

Rating: *

All poor Aditya Soman (Fardeen Khan) wants is to indulge in the ultimate male fantasy— have wife Ashwini (Isha Koppikar) whom he loves and girlfriend Geeta Menon (Esha Deol) whom he also loves live harmoniously together. But it’s not to be because he accidentally kills Geeta who comes back as a ghost to haunt him.

‘Darling’ is a sort of a ‘Bhoot’ meets ‘Pyar Tune Kya Kiya’ (both from the RGV stable) only much less slick than the two. With loud background music that tells you exactly when the ghost will appear and singularly non-frightening moments when she does, there are also some very funny moments when she yanks him around and he reacts to her when no one else can see her. In other words it’s not quite horror, not quite thriller and not quite comic.
It also doesn’t quite work though its miles ahead from Ram Gopal Varma’s last week’s truly horrific film ‘RGV Ki Aag’. The essential difference between the two is that with ‘Aag’ he took acknowledged actors and presented them awfully, with ‘Darling’ he takes three non-actors and attempts to draw out a performance from them. He succeeds partially with Fardeen. As for the girls, Esha has one fixed expression and all Isha does is scream stridently. The only surprise is the end and no, it’s not the end credits.

Bollywood.com Rating: 1

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