Review: Commando: a one man army


Direction: Dilip Ghosh
Actors: Vidyut Jamwal, Jaideep Ahlawat
Rating: **1/2

How much you enjoy Commando – A One Man Army depends entirely on how much you like action. What is your threshold for bodies breaking, bones snapping, flesh tearing and blood spurting?

Mine is pretty low, so I can’t say that I really enjoyed this film. But I think Vidyut Jamwal makes a kick-ass action hero and Jaideep Ahlawat, a terrific villain.

Stories in action films are basically an excuse for men to pulverize each other. So here too, we have a small town run by a psychotic politician who is so besotted by the local beauty that he must marry her. She runs away, straight into the arms of our commando, played by Jamwal.

After that, it’s high-testosterone mayhem, dialogue-baazi and even a healthy dose of comic-book patriotism. Lots of baddies die, but in be