Research isn't Asin's forte!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 18 -- Looks like research is Asin's least favourite subject or pass time, remarks Rapchik Rajni as she strolls into my den. What do you mean, I ask her and she replies that the actress doesn't seem to do any khoj on the products she endorses. Matlab?

Meaning, Rajni declares that Asin seems to be endorsing an anti-perspirant without any knowledge of it. Huh? She informs me that anti-perspirants shut the pores, and that can cause more trouble for the user with malignant nodules etc.

According to Rajni, a simple search on the Internet would have enlightened Asin enough to have second thoughts about inking deals with such products. Guess the actress was too dazzled by the fat pay cheque to pay any attention to important details. What say, Asinji?