Remo Fernandes: 'I can't do chamchagiri'


Mumbai, July 20 -- Remo Fernandes shot to fame in 1987, with his hit song, 'Jalwa'. The Goa-based singer went on to deliver chartbusters like 'Humma humma', 'Pyar to hona hi tha' and an album, 'O meri munni'. Then, he laid low for years till 'Maria pitache' in David happened. And now, he seems to be making a comeback of sorts with Luv U Soniyo and Kaizad Gustad's next.

Is it true that you composed the Luv U Soniyo title track in a night?

If a song comes to your mind and you're inspired, it takes a few hours to make it. But when the inspiration isn't there, you have to struggle. So the day Joe Rajan (director) got in touch, I came up with basic tune that night itself.

You've had a lot of hits, but haven't worked much in Bollywood. Why is that?