Rekha, Tanuja: At a royal wedding!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 22 -- Although movie stars are known to charge a high fee to attend private functions, thank God for small mercies there are some who know how to maintain good relations. That's what a friendly camel from Rajasthan says, further remarking that they should learn from Rekha and Tanuja.

What's the point, I wonder and the camel replies that the two veteran actors recently attended a royal wedding and didn't charge a penny. Seems they're on very good terms with the royal family, which insisted on chartering a plane for them to fly down to Jaipur recently.

Interestingly, Rekha and Tanuja were the only two celebrities from Bollywood. Kyun? Kyun ki the royal family didn't want any starry sho-sha at all. Besides, the camel also tells me that the one-time use video-rights have been sold to an international channel for a huge fee. So yes, our two actors are believed to be in the know of this deal, and yet they didn't feel the need to charge an appearance fee. That's what I call, truly classic.