Red Alert in Chhattisgarhi too!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 8 -- Red Alert-The War Within will open in 20 cinemas in Chhattisgarh this Friday. And the locals there have the choice of seeing the film in Hindi or Chhattisgarhi.

Director Ananth Mahadevan informs that at the Q&A session that followed a screening in Goa, there was an overwhelming demand to dub the film in every Indian language, particularly Bengali and Chhattisgarhi, since these two states fall in the radar of the Maoists.

"We couldn't dub it in 'Bangla' because the association in the state supposedly has a ban on dubbing a non-Bengali film in Bengali. But a month ago, we came up with a Chhattisgarhi version," says Mahadevan.

Boosted by the presence of Andhraites Suniel Shetty and Sameera Reddy, Mahadevan also got his cast to dub their lines in Telugu. And of the 550 screens across the country, 40 are in this Southern state alone.

In the UK and the US, the film will release in Hindi with English subtitles and in English.

"When a subtitled print was screened at the Stuttgart Film Festival, there was a clamour for English and German versions. We dubbed it in English and sold that version to a UK film distribution company called Highfliers," says Mahadevan.

The film has been feted on the festival circuit and earned praise from Maharashtra's Home Minister. Mahadevan, who was seated beside RR Patil at a special screening, was apprehensive about his reaction since the film's Home Minister is shown to be somewhat indecisive in the face of anti-establishment violence.

"After the film ended, Mr Patil clasped my hand and asked to see me in his office," says Mahadevan. "There, for 10 minutes, he praised our realistic presentation of the headline-grabbing issue and promised to recommend it to Home Ministers of other states."