Raveena Tandon’s a hit at film festivals!


By Hindustan Times

Raveena Tandon’s soon-to-release comeback film, Shobhana 7 Nights, has already garnered attention and appreciation at film festivals — both Indian and international. And the actor, who recently won the award for ‘Outstanding Performance Female’ at the Houston International Film Festival, is
delighted by this turn of events.

Even though she has been part of the industry for over two decades, making various trips to different festivals is a whole new experience for Raveena. She says, “Shobhana… is doing well at all the events we’ve been to, so far. In fact, this is my first film being shown at a festival and it’s really exciting.” In the film, Raveena plays the role of a woman with whom three generations of men fall in love. The actor states that one of the reasons she decided to do the film was because the subject was challenging; something she instantly fell in love with.

She explains, “The film is exciting because of the way the story plays out. It is bold and deals with things people are afraid to talk about.” Coming back to her newfound love of being part of these fests, Raveena says, “It’s fun because you get to meet so many new people. Also, it’s fascinating to know the way films are made. It leads to a good amount of exposure.”

The actor adds, “We just finished two festivals in America — the Chicago International Film Festival and the Houston International Film Festival, and we’re done with one back home. There’s a lot more to look forward to, since we’ve applied to and been selected for almost all of them.”