Ranveer Singh: Injury-prone or unlucky?



Mumbai, April 19 -- Of late, most of the times Ranveer Singh has been in the news is because of some injury or the other. This time, it's no different. Rumours suggest that while shooting a scene for Ram Leela, the actor hurt his fingers. Apparently, for a scene, he was supposed to be ringing the temple bells, but while doing so, his fingers started to bleed.

However, he shot that scene in one take. Somehow, it seems that over the past few months, Ranveer has had more than his fair share of mishaps . A source says, "First, while filming Lootera in Dalhousie, he had suffered a back injury. Though he continued shooting, the pain worsened and he was advised bed rest for a couple of months."

The source continues, "While shooting for Gunday in Kolkata, he got a nasty gash on his cheek that required a few stitches." Ranveer had even jokingly said at the time, "Now I am even more in character."

On the sets of the same film, there was a scene being shot in mud and a small piece of glass hurt Ranveer's foot.

So is the actor accident prone or just unlucky? Ranveer says, "'I had a serious injury during Lootera, which put me out of action for three months. Other than that, there have just been a few cuts and bruises. When one performs highly intense physical sequences these things are bound to happen. One has to strike a balance between being careful and being immersed in the moment. It's a professional hazard. My nani removed my 'nazar' recently and since then I've been fine."