Ranveer and Bhansali get mobbed in Bhuj!


By Hindustan Times

Soon after the reports of Kareena Kapoor deserting Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram Leela, and Priyanka Chopra replacing her, the director along with his lead star Ranveer Singh was spotted in Bhuj watching a show of Bol Bachchan.

Though Ranveer was dressed in a Gujarati costume to hide his real identity, it didn't help much. People recognized him and started gathering around him for autographs. So, Bhansali and Ranveer had to leave the film in between because of the fear of getting mobbed.

Bhansali and Ranveer had gone to Bhuj to prepare for their upcoming film which is love story set in Gujarat. Bhansali wanted Ranveer to get the first hand taste of the Gujarati lifestyle, culture and language. Since Bol Bachchan has just released, the two decided to catch the show in a nearby theatre.

Bhansali remained unavailable for comments.