Rani in two minds about Aditya Chopra


By Hindustan Times

Actor Rani Mukerji reportedly shocked chat show host Simi Garewal recently. Rani, 33, who appeared on Simi’s show, allegedly spoke about her relationship with filmmaker Aditya Chopra off the camera, but denied dating him on camera.

“Even Simi was surprised by Rani’s about-turn on camera. No one saw it coming,” said an eyewitness.

Rani-Adi"Before the shoot started, both Simi and Rani Mukerji were discussing Aditya Chopra at length. In fact, Rani was looking rather happy sharing the details of her love life with the elder actress. Simi did not want to take the actress by surprise with her questions related to Aditya Chopra," a source told Mumbai Mirror.

But the actor denied to share any details about her love life on camera.

"When Simi asked Rani about Aditya on camera, the younger actress immediately denied being in any relationship," the source continued.

A few days back Rani's father said that the actor would get married by 2012.