Rani: Don't call me Rakhi!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 7 -- Wakey wakey my walnut cookies! What goes in your duniya? It's the usual humdrum diga diga in mine, no thanks to the woeful weather these days. Khair, before I digress, let me get straight to the more interesting things, like your natkhat nuggets for the day. So read on sweetums...

Oi oi.. what is this I'm hearing subah subah now? A jasoos from Juhu has just barged in, complaining about Rani Mukerji. She had gone to Novotel hotel, where the actor was talking about her association with an NGO, Shiksha, in the hope of getting an interview... but is nonetheless pleased to have come back with dope on her.

For starters, Queen M made a much-delayed entry, after nearly half-a-dozen announcements. And if that wasn't enough, she was very curt to the media at the conference. Every time someone posed a query on anything outside the cause, Rani ignored it and instead wanted to move on to the next question please.

But the highlight of the event was when a patrakaar made a mistake of calling her Rakhi instead of Rani. Bas, aur kya? The actor, clad in an orange outfit, saw red and thundered that the gathering needed shiksha first, on who they are meeting and what they should ask.

That was more important than any shiksha for the rest of the country, she declared, recalls my informer. Of course, she got her interview with Queen Mukerji, but nonetheless, my khabru is still miffed with the actor. Really!