Randeep Hood's horsing around!


Mumbai, June 13 -- Randeep Hooda's love for horses is well known and the busy actor currently owns five of them. But now the actor is adding a whole team of studs to his stable. "I have bought a polo team and we will be playing when the Indian Polo season begins later this year. We'll be playing post October in Jaipur, Delhi and other places in India," says Randeep.

"I am planning to name the team Royal Roosters, as it has a royal and naughty touch and the sport can do with some fun," he says. Asked about this unusual purchase, the actor says, "Some people buy properties, others precious jewellery, but I have put my money in things I love."

Randeep will need 20-24 horses for the team and will bring in professional players from India and abroad. "They will be stationed in Jaipur. When I get time off from my movie commitments, I can practise an