Ranbir's Amritsar nightmare


By IndiaFM

The last few days have been a startling see-saw for Ranbir Kapoor. While his shooting at the Golden Temple in Amritsar for Siddarth Anand's untitled film has gone off swimmingly, what transpired on Saturday night left the young actor shaken stirred and queasy.

Ranbir had to be flown back from Amritsar to Mumbai via Delhi for an entertiament event organized by Sony Electronics. Since it was impossible for Ranbir to catch a normal flight for the event, Sony organized a chartered flight to Delhi from where Ranbir was supposed to catch a King Fisher flight to Mumbai just in time for the event late Saturday night.
But the Gods of the winter fogs had other plans. Says a Sony spokesperson Vikramjit Roy, "It was an event on Saturday night where the Saawariya stars Sonam and Ranbir were supposed to meet the contestants. We chartered a flight from Amritsar to Delhi for Ranbir as the sector doesn't have good connectivity. Ranbir reached Delhi but couldn't make it to Mumbai as there was a major snag at Delhi airport on Saturday. All normal commercial flights were delayed. Ranbir had to fly back to Amritsar early Sunday morning."

While Ranbir remains tightlipped about the airborne fiasco, members of Siddharth Anand's crew in Amritsar say the actor flew back from Delhi to Amritsar at 4 am and started shooting from 8 a.m. "All this is an occupational hazard. And I better get used to it," said the bone-weary sleepless Ranbir on Sunday.