Ranbir-Sanjay: Car-mic connection!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 5 -- Ranbir Kapoor, I'm hearing, has been bonding with Sanjay Dutt a lot these days. My birdy from Bandra says that she first saw them hugging each other like long lost brothers on Ranbir's birthday last week. Sanju gifted him a motorbike that costs only R 30 lakh. Sasta, sundar, tikaaoo haan!

In a week's time, they were seen bonding again. This time, it wasn't a social meeting. Ranbir was shooting at Mehboob Studios, so was Sanju with Ajay Devgn and David Dhawan. He came out of the studio to meet RK Jr when he found that he was at the adjacent floor. After hugs and greetings, the boys headed towards a toy, Sanju's modified Audi.

They sat inside for over half an hour, looking at the way the car had been accesorised. RK even took off on a test drive with Sanju's due permission. Next I know, Sanju will cast RK in his production.