Ranbir not a Rockstar exactly!


By Hindustan Times

Gone is the rockstar, in comes the geek. In the latest scenes of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar, actor Ranbir Kapoor is looking far from his heartthrob image.

Ranbir, who was spotted shooting at St Stephen’s College on Tuesday, was seen wearing a bright orange shirt, too-tight jeans and a sleeveless sweater.

In the sequence that was filmed, Ranbir is seen as shy and reserved as he talks to his love-interest, actor Nargis Fakhri.

The scenes were shot in the college parking lot, volleyball court and the hostel— and in one they were seen standing in a queue at a college shop.

“Between shots, Ranbir, Ali and Nargis spoke with students. Imtiaz seemed happy to be back in DU,” said Basant Jha, a student. “Ranbir was freezing. He grabbed his jacket and rushed for a cup of coffee the minute Ali said cut,” said a crew member.