Ranbir: Nargis doesn't like being linked to me'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 6 -- Ranbir Kapoor has been raving about Nargis Fakhri's "talent" ever since the two started working together on Rockstar and is delighted by the amazing response she's got since the promos and the songs were unveiled.

"Even though the film traces Janardan Jakar's 10-year musical journey on the way to becoming the iconic rockstar Jordan, the film is primarily a love story in which the girl plays an important part," he asserts.

And what about their real-life romance? "I care for Nargis and I'm sure she does too. We share a deep friendship but we are not in a relationship," retorts Ranbir, pointing out that he's always been open about his relationships.

"Why would I hide it now? But the fact is that I've been single for a while. Nargis doesn't like being linked to me... She is embarrassed by it. She's not from our country and has worked really hard to make her mark in our film industry. I hope the media will be kind to her."

The actor admits that he's now used to being romantically paired with a co-star even when he's not dating her. "The next newcomer I start a film with will be my new girlfriend," he sighs but asserts that what people think and say is not going to make him change his friendly ways. "I'm 29, single and fairly successful. I'm certainly not going to stop going out for a movie or dinner with a co-star after a hard day's work."

Ranbir agrees that thanks to being in the right place at the right time he's got a lot of attention from the film industry, the audience and the media. "But all this attention has also brought along a number of labels like 'Playboy', 'Casanova' and 'The Next Big Thing'. If I took them seriously, it would derail or distract me so instead I focus on my work," says the actor, whose film opens on Friday.