Ranbir to launch film trailer at an orphanage



Mumbai, July 23 -- Ranbir Kapoor's much-awaited project, Besharam, which is directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap, has generated curiosity by bringing together the three Kapoors - Rishi, Neetu and Ranbir - in one film.

And now we've been told that Ranbir, who plays an orphan in the film, will head to an orphanage to launch the film's first theatrical trailer , which will be out next week.

A source close to the project reveals, "The first trailer of the film will be launched at a special location this time. The team has decided to have an orphanage as the venue. They are keen to show the trailer to kids in an orphanage, either in Delhi (where they've shot some portions of the film) or in Mumbai. They're still debating over that."

Ask why the makers thought of doing this and the source says, "The team feels that setting up the event at an orphanage is in keeping with the story of the film. It is also the first time that something like this is happening in Bollywood. This way, Ranbir will get time to connect with the kids and they will be the first ones to watch the trailer of the film."