Ranbir, Katrina: Just good friends?


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 27 -- Hello hello my natkhat nuggets! How goes it in your duniya? It's going pretty hectic in mine, I tell you... more so when moi has to pull out scoops from my hat day after day. But I'm not complaining, for most pieces of info here are exclusives... and even those from public events have a twist in the tale that others always miss out on. So before I blow my own trumpet any more, let me get straight to your dose of daily goss...

For starters, my birdy from Bandra wants to ask me about the rajneeti of love between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Apparently, the Ajab Prem wasn't too happy to know that Salman Khan continues to be her 4 am friend... as she's reportedly been declaring.

Suna hai, he conveyed his displeasure to her... and if that's not enough, also expected those claims to be nullified. Birdy attributes this as the reason for Kat to now reiterate that there's nothing on between her and Sallu. Nothing wrong with that, because Kat announced her singleton status a couple of months ago. But her recent insistence that she and Sallu aren't together anymore has puzzled considerable folks in tinsel town... Specially because the buzz about Kat and Ranboo being more than just good friends is getting stronger by the day. Hmmm.