Ranbir Kapoor sports a braid!


By Hindustan Times

After rocking disheveled locks in his film Rockstar, actor Ranbir Kapoor will wear a tiny braid with golden highlights that fall downs his nape in his upcoming film Barfee, starring Priyanka Chopra. Hairstylists say Ranbir has the confidence to pull off the quirky look. “He is young and has the confidence to experiment with his hair,” says hairstylist Richa Agarwal.

Fans too give the look a thumbs up.

“If it’s Ranbir Kapoor, even a choti will look cute,” says Shalini Mehra, 19, a college student.

But some find the look weird.

“His clothes and the braid don’t go well together. It looks funny, but maybe he had no choice as his role demanded the look,” says Jayati Bose, hair stylist.