Ranbir Kapoor: Down, but not out!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 18 -- It may sound very aged but my heart goes out o this young man, says Dhobi Safedi Lal who had been given all the clothes from the Kapoor family to wash after actor Shammi Kapoor's funeral.

There, he discovered, that his chahita hero Ranbir, although heart-broken, was keeping his cool. He was composed and looking after everyone. He was upset more than the others because his granduncle's last movie is with him, Rockstar. And then, he always said that only Ranboo could fill in his shoes in the movie world.

Sweet! So my dearest RK after the cremation was completed, moved straight to the Barfee sets in Kolkata. He didn't take a break for a day or two. He just behaved very professionally on the sets. Not a soul saw him crying. Awww!