Ramu ki ramkahani!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 21 -- Oh, look who's here! My dearest jasoos Sher Lock Holmes and he's pleading with me to hear his piece of info. Wonder why is he pleading, I hope he's not gone the Mottu way. Turns out that he actually has.

He wants me to know that Ram Gopal Varma thinks that his Aag has become more popular than the original Sholay because it comes every few months. Why? Why?

Holmes says that Ramu has told him that when Chandni Chowk To China flopped, it was called Akshay Ki Aag, when Tashan flopped it was Aditya Chopra Ki Aag, when Kites flopped, it was called Hrithik Ki Aag. And now, Raavan is called Mani Ratnam Ki Aag. Holmes says that the director feels he's set a benchmark for flops at least.