Rakhi ke saath TV coverage free free free!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- This is just a shocker. Sher Lock Holmes usually brings me dope that no body knows, but this is just funny.

Maybe, that's why he's also rolling off the chair in delirious fits of laughter. We all know that New Year's is a time for actors to make some extra bucks through stage shows and other appearances. But I never thought drama queen Rakhi Sawant would actually have to remind people that she is out there to be hired for 2011's finale party.

Holmes's neighbours heard from someone that along with the actor's antics, Rakhi's publicists were offerring those who hire her, lots of free TV coverage and media glare, since wherever she goes, cameras follow. I don't know who would want to dance their New Year's away on national television, but what to do, after all such is life dearies.