Rajneesh shoots a ‘dahi handi’ song for animation movie


By Hindustan Times

Actor Rajneesh Duggal has shot a cameo in a ‘dahi handi’ song in the movie Main Krishna Hoon directed by Rajiv Ruia. Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif and Juhi Chawla have also done cameos in the film. The song sequence is choreographed by dance master, filmmaker Ganesh Archarya.

The movie, a 3D animation-cum-live action project for kids, has been produced by Nandan Matho who in the past has produced a few Bhojpuri films. Amzad- Nadeem have composed the tracks, Sabbir Ahmed is the lyric writer and the ‘dahi handi’ song is sung by Javed Ali. The reason Rajneesh agreed for the cameo is that he has been a Krishna bhakt all his life and didn’t want to miss a chance to worship him in his own way.