Rajinikanth's b'day to be World Style Day?


By Hindustan Times

If Rajinikanth's fans have their way, the south superstar's birthday would soon be celebrated as World Style Day. Rajini's online fans are garnering support to make this happen, reports New Indian Express. It all started when a month ago, a post appeared on the wall of a Rajinikanth fan page on Facebook that said - 'We should celebrate Thalaivar's birthday as World Style Day', according to the daily.

"Once that started, every online fan thought it was a great idea and has been garnering support to make World Style Day a reality. More and more people have begun spreading the message through word-of-mouth as his birthday (December 12) comes closer," Vinodh K R, an ardent fan and virtual fan club moderator told New Indian Express.

The fans of the superstar have even set their deadline.

"Everything we do for him has to be big. Next year's birthday (12-12-12) will be a landmark day in the history of the universe and by this time, we will have managed to have his birthday declared officially as World Style Day."