Rahul Bose is extremely confident of 'Shaurya' & director Samar Khan


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Most directors crumble after their directorial debut bites the dust. But not Samar Khan. He's made of sterner stuff. Having known Samar for a really long time now, the one thing that Samar never lost was optimism. Samar is now ready with his second film SHAURYA, a film that's already created a positive buzz prior to its release.

“I was apprehensive when Samar approached me with the script of SHAURYA,” Rahul Bose tells me honestly, “But what I liked about Samar was his attitude. He was like, 'Okay, I made a mistake earlier, but I want to prove myself right. I can deliver.' And then he handed me the script of SHAURYA. The writing was excellent; Samar had gone into minute details about every character. I must add, it's one of the finest scripts I've come across.”

Rahul also rubbishes reports that he interfered during the making of the film. “Samar has his vision, he was very sure about what he wanted. It would be wrong to take credit of something when the fact is that it's Samar's baby all the way,” Rahul sets the record straight.

While on SHAURYA, the film will be distributed in India by PVR. The film hits the marquee on April 4.