Raghu Ram gets burns for 'Roadies' (TV Snippets)


New Delhi, April 5 (IANS) Popular producer Raghu Ram, best known for his MTV show "Roadies", got burns while attempting a stunt he wanted to finalise for the contestants.

The tough taskmaster Raghu usually tests his own capabilities before letting the contestants take a plunge. But when he ran through a path after setting it ablaze, he ended up with burns on his back, says a source.

All necessary precautions were taken, and Raghu even wore a body suit for the task in Kolhapur. But the task proved hazardous, due to which Raghu declared it unsafe and modified it for the contestants.

The show is currently in its eighth season.


Seema Rehmani excited about 'Heavy Petting 6'

Actress Seema Rehmani, who was seen in films like "Sins" and "Loins of Punjab Presents", is upbeat about the new, upcoming season of NDTV Good Times' pet show "Heavy Petting".

"I am thrilled to be back as the host of this show - a show strictly for pets and pet lovers, made by a dedicated bunch of pet lovers. We also hope to help audiences with important information, helpful advice and the like - things pet owners or pet parents, as we like to call them on the show, will find useful to have at hand," said Seema, who has been associated with the show since the first season.

Seema will travel around the country, visiting canine and feline gatherings, pet fairs, outings and events in the new season, to go on air Thursday.