Raghu Dixit to gift a lungi to the Queen!


By Hindustan Times

He had all the options in the world to gift to the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh, but he chose a lungi. “I will take her one of my signature lungis, something she can remember our performance by,” says folk fusion singer Raghu Dixit, 37, who is the only Indian
invited to perform at the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in Windsor Castle in Berkshire on May 13.

“It’s a great honour to be invited to perform for the Queen, and anytime I am told that I am representing India and the only Indian in the list, it feels a little overwhelming ... I will give my 100%,” says Dixit.

The Mysore-based singer will perform his popular number Mysore Se Aayi with over 550 horses, dancers from the noted Nritarutya school and performers from across the world to celebrate 60 years of the reign of the Queen. “I hope she gets up and jumps along to Mysore Se Aayi like the rest of the world does,” he says.

His songs will be modified a little for the royal performance. “I will be backed by a 70 piece orchestra that is learning the music score for the song. That is something I had never imagined would happen with my song!”

He says his rehearsal schedule is very hectic, and that this year has been very busy for him. “We’ve played over 40 shows in the first three months of the year, so we were constantly on the road. Once I am back, I want to immerse myself in completing my second album, which I am really excited about,” he says.

Dixit is currently in UK working on a musical — A Tale Retold, which comprises 15 songs and is produced by British Council and Southbank Centre. “I’ll be back in India next week.”