Pyaar Ka Punchnama: Keep it U-A


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 30 -- Tiffs within a team, while making a film are common in Bollywood. But producer Abhishek Pathak and director Luv Ranjan of the recently released rom-com Pyaar Ka Punchnama are having differences over the content of the film's DVD. While the producer is okay with the UA version released in the cinemas recently, the director is keen on an uncensored A rating.

According to a production executive of the film, Luv wasn't too pleased with the cuts they agreed to during the film's release, with the censor committee. "He felt that they should release the uncensored A-rated film on DVD. But Abhishek maintained that they should rather stick to the rating, lest the DVD version fall in trouble with the censors as well," explains our source.

When contacted, Abhishek confirmed the news. "I'm okay with the UA rating, as that ensured the release of our film. It also helped us reach a wider audience. An A-rated film might not get those numbers."

He further adds that his director-friend understood his viewpoint after some convincing. "I also pointed out to him that we had to get our film reviewed four times to get the UA rating," recalls the producer, adding that they will try to incorporate some censored scenes in the DVD. "We'll tone down the adult humour scenes that were removed by the censors and include them in a separate section of the DVD," asserts Abhishek.

However, he does stand by his director's take on the archaic censor guidelines. "The Censor Board needs to update itself and view the films from a contemporary perspective," he says, sharing Luv's belief, adding that they are planning to get together for another film soon.

"We have a couple of ideas, including one for an even madder sequel of Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Luv was travelling and will be back in town soon. So we'll meet up and figure out the DVD cut of our first film and our future plan of action," concluded the producer.