Producer Dia's next action-comedy


By Hindustan Times

The first look of Zayed Khan, Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha’s maiden production — Love, Breakups, Zindagi —was unveiled yesterday and Dia admits that she had no problems sleeping the night before. She says, “I’ve gone through plenty of anxiety before a major release but in this case, I couldn’t wait to share our movie with others.”

Dia says that there were times when the dual responsibilities of being a producer and an actor weighed her down, like when the weather played truant and a huge order was held up because the prints weren’t dry, but overall the experience has been enriching: “I’ve learnt that there are going to be problems that are beyond our control, production is about finding prompt solutions.”

The trio worked together efficiently, with Sahil directing the film and finding marketing solutions, and Zayed and Dia playing producer-actors. “Zayed was clear that he would not get involved with the day-to-day work, so Sahil and I took charge. But he was there at board meetings with big ideas,” she smiles.

The smile turns brighter as she remembers that at the end of every shooting day, the unit would clap. “That’s never happened before with me through 42 films,” she admits, adding that they wrapped up the film in 46 days, bang on schedule.

DiaThe smile turns a little strained as she recalls that the bungalow that was Naina’s home in the film, equipped with knickknacks from her home, was too-hot. “We were shooting a night scene during the day, so Sahil had shuttered the doors and windows and put heavy black curtains. The shoot was a torture,” she shudders.

The smile is back as she talks about their next production, an action-comedy, which after about six months of pre-production, should roll by early 2012. “Born Free Entertainment is here to stay,” she says. “And though we haven’t set a release date yet, this mamma-to-be is hopeful that her first baby, Love, Breakups, Zindagi, will be a normal delivery.”

Who came up with the title? “Zayed,” she quips. “He called Sahil at 3.30 am with it. It’s apt because in life, everyone goes through their share of love and heartbreaks.”