Priyanka's single gets leaked online!



Mumbai, June 22 -- Priyanka Chopra's first single 'In my city' was well received by listeners all over India. Not only the song, but the video also got a positive response. Her second single 'Exotic', featuring Pitbull, was also much anticipated, but the sudden leaking of the track online has upset the actor-singer.

"Though Priyanka was disappointed, especially since she had planned a huge launch for the track, she is now relieved that it is garnering good response," says Priyanka's spokesperson.

While the actor is content with the response, the music company only hopes that the leak does not affect the viewership of the official song. "We will need to see its impact once the song is launched officially. We hope that fans pick the official video as the qualities of the pirated copies are not the best. We will go ahead with our plans to launch the song in the first week of July as decided," says Sunil D'Sa, VP marketing, Universal Music India.

Though the music company has no plans to locate the person responsible for the leak, they are making sure that the video is protected now. "It's really difficult to pinpoint from where the leak has actually occurred. There are many people involved in the making of the song and the music is easily available during the whole recording process. We won't be wasting our efforts to actually find out how the leak has happened, rather we will focus on marketing the music," says Sunil. "We are taking extra care to protect the song's video. And we will make sure that it is released as we had planned."