Priyanka's most precious date - 12th July


By IndiaFM

“My most precious date has to be July 12, 1989. It was the birth of my baby brother Siddharth. I was seven years old and I immediately adopted him. More than a didi, I felt like his mother because that’s what my parents had prepared me for…another child in the house and I was going to be part of his growing-up process. I felt ecstatic.

But when Siddharth was born, it wasn’t so much fun because he had to be in an incubator for three days, being a premature baby. I was broken-hearted. I felt I was given a new toy that I couldn’t play with. I could see him but I couldn’t touch him.
Once he came home, I completely took to him. I became a little mummy. To this day, I continue to mother him and I also bully him. He’s in that phase of his life when he wants to do it all. One day he wants to be a cricketer, the next day a chartered accountant. I’ve to keep bringing him down to earth.

I love my brother more than anyone else in the world. I want to see him get the best of education and make something substantial of his life. When I remember that tiny bundle in the incubator 18 years ago, I still get a smile on my face. Incidentally my birthday and Siddharth’s are separated only by a week.”