Priyanka's Diwali with Sonam Kapoor


By IndiaFM

This Diwali was quite eventful for Priyanka. She re-discovered how young she is. "I actually started my career earlier than Sonam Kapoor, Harman Baweja, etc. I keep forgetting I belong to their group."

For Diwali this year Priyanka discovered the fun part of herself at Sonam's place. "I know Sonam's father (Anil Kapoor) from the time we did Salaam-e-Ishq together. I really like Anilji. Sonam I've known from long before. She's part of the same gang as Harman (Baweja) and my other friends. So when she invited me to her home I gladly went and had myself a rocking evening." Priyanka says she doesn't mind the image of a serious mature actress. "But people forget I’m only 25. Because I've been around for three years and done roles of full-blooded woman rather than girl’s, people presume I belong to an older age-bracket. About time I changed that perception."

How does she intend to do that? "By maybe getting a life beyond my work. At the moment my entire life revolves around my shooting. Currently I'm shooting for Drona and God Tussi Great Ho."

And she seems to be having an equal amount of shared fun with both her co-stars Abhishek Bachchan and Salman Khan, though her relations with the latter are said to be far from cordial. "Says who?" Priyanka shoots back. "Salman and I are fine with each other. I don't carry any ill-will to work. Neither does he. We're having a ball shooting God, Tussi Great Ho. And now that it's nearly over I wish someone else would sign us for another film."

Priyanka's Diwali started early. "My Diwali started when I went for the premiere of Saawariya. It's such a beautifully-shot film. Both Ranbir and Sonam are the superstars of tomorrow," she ends diplomatically.