Priyanka, Katrina patch-up? No way!


By Hindustan Times

If you thought Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif hugged at Salman's Being Human event to start a new friendship, think again! The actors didn't even say a formal hello to each other at a recent event.

Piggy Chops and Kat came face to face at an awards function, but behaved as strangers. They didn't even say hi to each other, forget about a warm hug.

An eyewitness told Mumbai Mirror, “Priyanka and Katrina were next to each other for quite some time backstage. Their eyes met, but they did not give each other even a faint smile. They behaved like total strangers. There was ample opportunity for both the ladies to at least acknowledge each other’s presence but even that did not happen. Everyone around them noted this.”

To refresh surfers' memory, Priyanka and Katrina are at loggerheads since the latter replaced former in Dostana sequel, and Priyanka in turn replaced Katrina in Anurag Basu's Silence (now titled Barfi).

Even at IPL awards, the actors kept their distance. So we wonder, why they had to give jadu ki jhappi to each other at Salman's event? Keep guessing.