Priyanka is hurt, upset by rumours


By Hindustan Times

Although Priyanka Chopra has delivered back-to-back hits, it’s rumours of her ’special friendship’ with Shah Rukh Khan (inset) that have been making more news of late. Although the actor refuses to make a direct comment on it, she accepts it’s upsetting if people focus on it day in, day out. “Of course, one gets bothered besides feeling hurt and upset about it. But I don’t think that makes people stop (writing). So, there’s no point (giving it any importance),” says the 29-year-old.

She adds, “Whenever there’s something important (in the professional or personal space) to talk about, I will do it.”

Ask Priyanka how she tackles the constant scrutiny of her personal life and she shoots back: “I don’t tackle them at all. Honestly speaking, I don’t find it important to give non-issues any attention.”

Late last month, published pictures of Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s ‘3am’ friendship, followed by much speculation around their growing closeness.

A few days ago, Priyanka stated that she needs a man ‘who can control her’. Mention it to her and she smiles: “Well, I am an independent and a free-spirited girl. And I mentioned ‘control’ because I feel I’m a bit of a wild kid. Besides, I also have always been a little control freak. Plus, it has to be someone whom I respect too,” she says.

What Priyanka would happily focus on is her flourishing career. The next big thing on Piggy Chops’ radar is her global music album. However, due to film commitments, she hasn’t been able to focus much on it yet. “But when I go to LA in April, I will be able to wrap up most of it. And hopefully, we will be out by summer this year,” says the actor.