Priyanka gets booked!



New Delhi, May 20 -- Priyanka Chopra was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to a Delhi School as the chief guest at their choir festival, that the class 5 students of the school have an entire chapter on the actor's life in their text book.

Courtesy her army background, Chopra spent her childhood in a number of places, and her story of constantly moving base and wide exposure is now part of the class 5 Environmental Studies textbook in the first chapter titled Roving Families, Shifting Homes.

The actor grew up in Bareilly, Lucknow, Mumbai in India and Newton, Massachusetts and Iowa in the USA. The chapter also has pictures of PeeCee's family and her her Miss World winning moment.

A source close to the actor says, "This is the first time an actress has been honoured in such a manner". Dr Jyoti Bose, principal, Springdales School Dhaula Kuan, which has the book in its curriculum, says, "We chose the book on the basis of overall content and didn't even know that Priyanka was featured in the chapter.

As a sheer coincidence, we chanced upon the chapter a day before her visit and decided to surprise her with it. She was overwhelmed."

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