Priyanka felt no heat from war with KJo


By Hindustan Times

Karan Johar has clarified that all is good in the hood with Priyanka Chopra after their alleged tiff. And now, PC says that she doesn’t have any issues with the filmmaker, who had taken indirect potshots at her on Twitter two months ago. “I never felt the heat. Whenever we have met, we’ve been cordial and friendly with each other,” says the 29-year-old actor, who was in the Capital recently. She also says that she has no issues working with Johar. “We have worked in two films including Agneepath, and if there is a great script, why not?”

The reports disturbed her, she says. “I feel bad when malicious and judgmental things are written. It is a professional hazard and celebs are soft targets. It gets annoying when people forget that I am a daughter, a sister and may get hurt.”

Apart from films, Priyanka is busy with her upcoming music album. “The album should hopefully be out by year-end. I want my songs to reflect and interpret our culture and have the Indian stamp on it. There’s lot of pressure and I am hoping I live up to it,” she says.