Priyanka Chopra in 'Vogue' this month!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

What's common to Shaheen, Jiah, Sapna, Alisha, Rani, Simmi, Kajal, Anu, Priya and Roma? Well, we all know that they sound to be the names of some of the most beautiful girls. But the shocking-but-true fact is that all these names have just one face: 'Priyanka Chopra'. These are the names that this pretty chic has portrayed in her illustriously illustrious Bollywood career.

And it is this illustrious girl who has illuminated the latest edition of the fashion bible, 'Vogue'. A lot of unspoken facts about this lass have been revealed in this issue. We bet that you just did not know the 'mouth-watering' fact that Priyanka has a thing for sweet and sour treats like jeera goli! Not just that, this super actress' career plans never included modelling and that she takes to the pen the way a fish takes to water!

You will be on the floors for sure when you get to know that her aunt used to call her 'Kaali' and it was actually her Mom who should be attributed to giving Bollywood its Gen-Next Superstar! The reason being that Priyanka's mother sent 'passport sized snaps' of Priyanka wearing a suit as an entry for the Miss India competition, something that was meant to be sent to Australia for a scholarship exam in an engineering college!

Lastly, Priyanka does give some real gyaan to one and all (and we salute this dame for this). She, very honestly confesses that 'People will reject 90 days of work in two hours. But it's changed me for the better. I'll never again walk out of a film I am watching. No matter how bad it is!"

These words have left us speechless. All that we can say is Touché Priyanka! God bless you!