Priyanka Chopra gets rid of her horse riding fear!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

By now its common knowledge that the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra plays Abhishek Bachchan's bodyguard in the fantasy adventure Drona. Priyanka would be seen doing some deadly action sequences in this flick which opens across cinema halls on Oct 2.

While Priyanka didn't have any real problems doing the stunts all by herself, she got a little nervous when she came to know that she would have to ride a horse for one of the sequences in the film. Strangely, no one on the sets of Drona knew that Priyanka is scared of riding a horse. Hence, the nervous look on her face on the day of the actual shoot came as a shock to all the crew members present.

Explaining this amusing incident, director Goldie Behl recalls, "Since the day we started shooting for Drona, Priyanka was very confident about all her action and fighting scenes. She was very confident until we started shooting for this scene where she was supposed to ride a horse. She suddenly got very edgy with the idea of riding a horse; that was when we realized that Priyanka was actually scared of horses. The horse sequence was very prominent for the scene, hence we couldn't think of not having it. After a creative discussion, Priyanka finally agreed and actually shot for the entire sequence. Once the camera rolled, no one could make out that she was scared and I must say she shot like a pro."

Looks like after this incident Priyanka has surely emerged a much stronger and braver girl.