Priyadarshan, Ratan Jain lock horns over Tezz


By Hindustan Times

Filmmaker Ratan Jain, producer of recently released film Tezz, has reacted strongly to its director, Priyadarshan, who alleged that the film was taken away from him and the producers edited the flick, leading to its failure.

Clearly miffed, Jain says, “This is not fair. When a film clicks, the credit goes to the director and the artists. When it flops, people blame the producer. Priyadarshan has seen the film and approved it. Now, after the film hasn’t done well, the producer is being blamed.”

Meanwhile, Priyadarshan says he is embarrassed about facing actor Ajay Devgn, who starred in the film along with actors Anil Kapoor, Sameera Reddy and Kangna Ranaut. “Ajay trusted me completely. We had earlier worked in Aakrosh and hit it off beautifully. He signed Tezz because of me. He could’ve done any project but he chose mine instead. I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed,” said the filmmaker.

Reacting to this statement, Jain commented, “If somebody wants to be in the good books of actors, then that’s up to them. I think people should apologise to me for making a wrong film. This blame game should not happen.”

Jain adds that the primary problem was the lack of audiences at cinema halls. “The reviews are not bad, the film just didn’t open. Who should I blame for that? We should not say our film’s bad. Priyadarshan should take his statement back,” he says.