Prithviraj: 'Bollywood has an overdose of Punjab'


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 6 -- If south actor Prithviraj has to give us a reason for being paired with Rani Mukerji again in Yash Raj Film's Aurangzeb, his making his Bollywood debut with her in Aiyyaa was not it. In fact, the actor pounced on the project because filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was involved in the making.

Prithviraj says, "When I heard that Anurag was producing the film I knew that it won't be a run-of-the-mill movie. I was expecting the story to be out of the ordinary. When I was reading the script, they were going to speak with Rani but it was not confirmed whether she would be in the film. She was yet to give her consent."

He believes that Rani's coming on board just increases the buzz surrounding the film, but he was more excited about the script. "I decided in two minutes, after reading the script, that I wanted to do it. I had not heard a story like that in my entire career," says Prithviraj.

"There is an overdose of Punjabi culture and music in Bollywood films right now. It was very refreshing to come across a love story not based in Punjab." Meanwhile, he's slightly embarrassed about his current film, Aiyyaa, in which a man is shown as an object of desire. Still, he says, "I love the compliments."

Would he have done the film in any other language? "I would have said yes to this film regardless of the language it was being filmed in. Because it's in Hindi, it's now my Bollywood debut," he says.