Pritam: Bhool bhulaiyya!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 19 -- Munni is dancing on my head, almost literally, to a tune that tremely familiar... like a Sri Lankan folk song. But the words are in Hindi. Hmm, lagta hai Pritam se milkar aayi hai! And this turns out to be true.

She did meet Pritam at his studio where he keeps himself locked day and night. Reason: he wants to be all by himself working on the songs for Dhoom 3. Aditya Chopra must have asked for something dhamakedaar you see.

Meanwhile, he has composed music for Mausam. And he doesn't even remember that. One of these days he was asked to give an interview to promote the movie and he didn't understand why he was asked to do so in the first place. On another occasion, his secretary and he had been told to manage a set of interviews on a said day. Secy forgot, he remembered and rang up the journalist.

Dhoom ne bechare ka kya haal bana diya hai. Feel like asking him -Pritam, kuch lete kyun nahi. After all, such is life dearies.