Preview: Dhoom Dadakka


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Character Sketch:

Anupam Kher as Mungilal

In his early fifties, Mungilal is a Don living in Bangkok for the past fifteen years. He left Mumbai and settled here after the heat of law started falling on him in India for his shady activities. Mungilal is an emotional and basically good- hearted Bhai, who has never believed in the concept of marriage, though he has had quite a colourful past. From his early days, his constant companion has been his friend Jignesh.

Satish Shah as Jignesh

Also in his early fifties, Jignesh is a smart Gujarati from Mumbai. Though good in studies, he remained close to Mungilal because of their friendship. He also migrated from India along with Mungi and is now his confidant, advisor and business manager all rolled into one.

Aarti Chhabria as Shivani

A sexy Item-Queen in the film industry, she is a craze all over. An extremely dominating and sharp girl, she loves Rahul immensely. However she is a total control freak in her relationship with him.

Shama Sikandar as Jiya

A long-time girl friend of Ranbir, she is sexy and smart and wants to live life to the hilt. She doesn't mind earning a fast buck even if she has to make up false appearances for it.


He is a young guy, who aspires to become a movie star. So enamoured is he of films that his whole persona reflects the filmy style. A complete go-getter he wants instant fame and money. Living in a P.G. accommodation he has a girl-friend who is an Item-number Queen in the industry.


A young guy, who has apparently come from South Africa, Ranbir has a typical way of speaking a strange mix of Hindi and English. On face he comes across as a very innocent and simple guy, but actually he is a smart crook who wants to grab quick riches.

Satish Kaushik as Johnny

A detective like Peter Sellers, he always fumbles and stumbles upon things and ends up doing everything wrong. Extremely boastful of his so-called achievements, he has a sexy wife at home and that is his biggest trouble.

Gulshan Grover as Fursat Lala

In his fifties, he is an ambitious Don, who also migrated from Mumbai some years back. He wants to take over Mungi's domain in Bangkok. For his ambitions, he is willing to go to any extent. A little thick in the brain, he pretends to be a 'smart one' instead

Bhawna Balsawer as Angoori

A tough-looking woman in her thirties, she is Mungi's younger sister and works closely with him, very efficiently in all his Bhai-giri activities. She has a razor-sharp tongue and an attitude to boot. At heart she is a complete romantic and loves Indian classical music


The voluptuous, sexy wife of Johnny, she is lusted by the entire mohalla. Totally dissatisfied with her husband's sexuality, she is always looking for some drugs or formulas to make him manly enough.


A young boy, who is the son of Fursat Lala, Zac is a great admirer of Hindi films. He wants to be a director. His father on the contrary wants him to do the family business. Feroze's only interest in his father is confined to having him fund his film which would be a remake of Mughal-E-Azam although in another context


A buffoon of an assistant to Johnny whose only forte is to help his boss in getting things go wrong.


Mungilal (Anupam Kher) was once a small time Bhai way back in 70, in Mumbai. He had a childhood friend Jignesh (Satish Shah) who was his friend cum business advisor. When the law-enforcing authorities turned the heat on the Bhais in Mumbai, Moongi and Jignesh fled to Bangkok. Now in Bangkok, Mungilal has become a don.

Film begins with the AABM (All Asian Bhai Meet) in which the agenda is to discuss and assess the falling sensex of Bhaigiri in Asia. In the discussion, a rival Don of Mungi's, Fursat Lala (Gulshan Grover) proposes an ambitious plan for a piece of land in Alibagh and puts across a valid argument that start in the business of Bhaigiri, it is very important to have a waris. Since Moongi has no waris and no plan for the development of that land, it is only logical that the next man, i.e. Fursat Lala should be made the new Don of Mumbai.

Moongilal assures the syndicate that he has a better plan and that he even has a waris, who he will present before the syndicate and asks for a one month's time to do the same. He is granted this much time in view of his past services.

Livid with Moongi on these lies, Jignesh asks him the logic behind this false statement that he has a waris, while he has not even married. Mungi reveals his noble plan to build a hospital on that land because in his childhood his father died at that place for lack of medical aid. And he doesn't want a casino there.

Moongi and Jignesh find a letter of Moongi's estranged sister Angoori (Bhavana Balsawar) whom Moongilal had thrown out years back because she wanted to marry a music teacher instead of a dreaded goon Happo Hakla.

Letter reveals that Angoori gave birth to Kamal. This child, who looks like mama Moongi, smiles like him and ever has a mole on his right thigh just as mama has one his. Mungi is thrilled and resolves to hunt his waris in Mumbai where he comes across a Peter Sellers like detective Johnny English (Satish Kaushik) who promises them to find Kamal, the waris, in 20 days. In return, Mungi promises to pay 50 lacs to him if he finds Kamal for him.

Through his weird ways, Johnny English gets hold of an NRI (Sammir Dattani) to stake a claim to be Kamal. He would put across to Moongi that he just wants his dear mama (Moongi) to touch the ashes of his mother so that he can submerge them in Ganga, before he goes back to Canada. Johnny takes him to Bangkok but, to his shock, he finds another guy (Shaad Randhawa) there, who also claims to be Kamal. To Johnny's horror, this new Kamal there, who is actually a struggling actor, used to live in his house in Mumbai as a paying guest. When Johnny attempts to call his bluff, this sharp-shooter convinces Moongi and Jignesh about the intimate details that could only have been known to his supposed mother Angoori (Moongi's sister).

While this confusion is on, one more girl, Shivani (Aarti Chhabria) arrives at the scene claiming her to be the real Kamal (because of the name Kamal, the gender was not clear in the letter). A confused Moongi asks all of them to stay in the house till he arrives at a decision as to who the real Kamal is. In the ensuing drama enters the second girl Jiya (Shama Sikandar) who claims to be a girlfriend of the NRI Kamal. The Picture brought by her almost convinces everybody that the NRI Kamal is the real one.

But it was not to be because of Mungi's dangerous ways of testing their authenticity. One day he compels them to confess that they are all impostors and are here to make a quick buck. They plan to run away with this old man's riches that night. But while they are in the process of stealing the money, the truth dawns upon them that he is not any cynical old man, but a dreaded Don.

Now all four are caught up at the Bhai's house and how Moongi, then, makes them to act as his waris…how his rival Fursat Lala unveils the truth… is a journey through hilarious situations.

Is one of them the real waris? Does Moongi get to make the hospital? All this makes Dhoom Dadakka a story of good people in bad situations, told in a totally rip-roaring style…!