Preity's powerful performance!


By Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama News Network

We've seen Preity Zinta enacting the most glamorous parts in films produced by the Johars and Chopras. But the talented actress will be seen in a deglam look in Deepa Mehta's VIDESH - HEAVEN ON EARTH, which opens in India next week in Hindi and Punjabi versions.

The pretty actress has enacted a wide variety of roles in the past, but Deepa offers her a role that most actresses would die for, a role that demands a terrific actress to infuse life into it. And Preity scores brownie points for making Chand [her name in the film] so believable. It wouldn't be erroneous to state that Preity delivers her career-best performance in this film.

"A lot of people feel I am best suited for glamorous roles. I took this role as a challenge," Preity tells me. Of course, a number of actresses have enacted the part of a battered wife before, but Deepa gives a twist to the tale and so does Preity, to her character. You can't draw parallels with any role/actress for sure.

VIDESH - HEAVEN ON EARTH also throws light on how some people carry on with their lives on a foreign land [Canada in this case] in extreme adversities, which would serve as an eye-opener once this film releases.