Preity's Ishkq in trouble?


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Oct. 22 -- Hello sufferers of saccharine-sweet wala love stories. Yes, I'm talking to you, movie-goers. I feel your pain. Of being bombarded by cliched romances in this season of much ishq. Just after watching two pretty boys sing 'Ishq wala love' for a girl (the best thing about it is the parody it led to), now there's news of some more ishq in the air.

Or, err, ishkq, should we say? Things are not looking pretty for Preity Zinta's oddly spelt Ishkq In Paris. A big distributor, after sipping one Bellini too many at a party, confided that he's not looking to pick up the film.

Neither are most of his other big shot distributor friends. And with channel owners waiting till release before buying rights, things are already looking bleak. Preity's got a lot riding on this one, and I wish the girl all the luck. She'll need it, I'm sure.