Preity Zinta: Talks on for season 2?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 14 -- I don't know if a single soul watched actor-producer Preity Zinta's chat show Up Close and Personal with PZ, but what do you know, it's already on its way back. The actor shot her last episode with once-upon-a-time co-star Anil Kapoor, and that has already been aired.

Whether anyone else went back happy or not, the Bollywood-based channel airing the show, I'm told, is extremely thrilled with the way the show has been 'lapped up' and is planning a second round of fun interviews on the show, that started with Salman Khan as the first guest since he was in the last leg of promotions for his home production Bodyguard.

Since this time PZ's interview subjects were all her male co-stars, from Shah Rukh Khan to Bobby Deol, and Farhan Akhtar to Saif Ali Khan, I'm told the second season will have either a combination of male and female co-stars, or just Preity's favourite female coactors. Hmm, if the latter works out, the show may have a couple of followers, what say?

As for me, I'd watch this show if certain super silly elements were just dropped without an apology, and some more humourous elements were added. Maybe I'd watch an episode at least!