Preity Zinta has not cut herself away from Ishkq in Paris: Prem Raj

By Hindustan Times

Director Prem Raj whose Parisian love story Ishkq in Paris produced by Preity Zinta ran into rough weather because of his ill-health among other problems is very hurt to read that she has cut herself off from him and the project and denies the rumours. Says Prem emotionally: "That is so hurtful, mean and damaging. Ishkq In Paris is as much Preity's baby as mine. She is very much in touch with me. We've no problems with one another at all. This story is very saddening."

It looks like the clouds have finally lifted from Prem Raj's second directorial venture, with Ishkq In Paris ready for release in May. The beleaguered project which is Preity Zinta's first production was initially scheduled for release i