Preity Zinta features in the latest issue of health magazine Prevention


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

''I am happy with what I have'' is how Preity Zinta, the golden girl of Bollywood, describes herself in the current edition of 'Prevention'. If the cover snap is anything to go by, the inside interview promises to be a real stunner.

As one had predicted, the inside pages that features the interview with this chique chick turns out to be nothing short of an effervescent fresh lime drink, in the scorching summer heat outside! This issue also serves as a revelation of secret diary of the 'bubbly-cious' Preity Zinta. She talks all about her fitness routine, IPL, her diet, favourite foods, and the secrets behind her energy and her motivation in life. What really forms as the icing on the cake is her mantra for life: 'To be happy with what one has'.

Surely an interesting read!