Preity- Riteish: Thinking alike!


By Hindustan Times

India, Aug. 9 -- I have some real bad news for my dearest Preity Zinta, who has finally become a film producer and will start shooting her new chat show, hopefully this week. It seems she has someone in the industry who thinks exactly like her, says my maid Munni, dancing around my bed. Who, I want to know, pronto!

Munni says, with a shiver, that Riteish Deshmukh has been tweeting the same thought about Friendship Day as PZ. Meaning? Munni explains that Miss Single Dimple loves a thought on friendship by Oscar Wilde and tweeted it. Minutes later, Riteish copied it and put it up on his page as his thought too. Awww! That's sad news for my PZ and good for Riteish since he has an educated source to get 'inspired'.