Preity ducks at Salman's mention!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 11 -- Excuse moi while I answer this call on my kaaliberry. It's my birdy from Bandra, claiming to have an item on Preity Zinta, who was in rather fun spirits at the launch of the new Guinness Records show she's hosting for the first time on the small screen.

At the end of a contest in which participants had to wear the maximum T-shirts in a minute, she remarked that they were shy and went backstage to remove the extra layers of clothing. At this, her co-anchor Shabbir Ahluwalia remarked that if they were to have a contest for removing the T-shirts fastest, Salman Khan would win hands down.

Bas, aur kya? The Zinta gal stated that she had nothing to do with it and ducked under the table... and Ahluwalia confessed that he had all the reasons to go into hiding now. I'm not even remotely amused, I tell you.